Driving into the New Year

A Delivery First 2022 Reflection

2022 was a year of immense growth, meaningful partnerships, and game-changing additions to the Delivery First team. As a local start-up, we don’t take these accomplishments lightly and we always like to reflect on and celebrate our wins – big or small.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s highlights and raise a glass to another year of delivering the absolute best!

A Growing Team

One of our most note-worthy accomplishments this year is the incredible additions we’ve made to our team. Our management meetings are so robust and full of energy, it’s almost unrecognizable from one year ago. We have taken on outstanding individuals in HR, finance, sales, and of course, our driver team.

Not only has our driver team nearly doubled year after year but we’ve also lowered our turnover rate. We are seeing more drivers report high job satisfaction and choose Delivery First as their primary job. 

Amanda Greenberg, our Director of Human Resources and another strong addition to our team this year shares why we’ve seen more of this. “We take pride in our relationships with our drivers whether it’s offering immediate on-shift support, hosting events, or recognizing and rewarding drivers for a job well done. Our drivers continuously give us feedback on these efforts and they appreciate being a part of the bigger picture.”

Our larger driver force has allowed partner with additional restaurants and continue offering the exceptional service our current partners have come to rely on. Moving into 2023, we’re in a great position to scale the business from the people side of things and look forward to the great additions the year will bring. 

Many New & Meaningful Partnerships

The word community is very important to us and this doesn’t stop at being your local delivery partner, we give back to our communities as well. This year we’ve partnered with the Theirer Family Foundation, Beyond Hunger, and Nourishing Hope to deliver to nearly 200 homes per month.

These NFPS operate with the mission to end hunger in their communities and we view our work with them as an unexpected extension of our own mission. We seek to help address hunger, not just as the feeling you get between meals, but as the serious issue many people in our communities face every day. 

“I’ve been extremely pleased over the last year with how our mission has resonated – to be a true partner to our clients and the communities we serve,” shared Sean Hennessy, Delivery First’s President. “The mission isn’t just words; our team lives it day in and day out and these partnerships have taken that a step further.” 

Cheers to Driving into 2023 With Momentum! 

We are so grateful as we reflect on some of these pivotal moments and memories behind us.  Moving into the new year, we have an eye toward unprecedented growth for the company. 

“I’m excited for what this year has in store, considering how more and more businesses are looking for alternatives to other nameless and faceless delivery companies,” shared Hennessy.
“Through every step of the delivery process, people want accountability, transparency, and hospitality, and we provide that every day.”

We couldn’t be more excited to drive into the year with a full team, a great roster of partners, and a palpable energy and motivation that will make 2023 our best year yet.