Driving Community: 

Partnering with Two NFPs to Nourish Chicago’s Hungry

The guiding light of the Delivery First mission has always been community. We advocate for the success of our restaurant partners, the satisfaction of their customers, and the well-being of the communities they reside. We believe this is all made possible with open collaboration.

In the last year, we expanded our mission with meaningful partnerships that address hunger, not just as the feeling you get between meals, but as the serious issue many people in our communities face every day. In many ways, these partnerships felt like the natural progression of Delivery First, as the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic increased poverty and food insecurity in our communities.

The expansion of our mission is partially due to our continued collaboration with TakeOut25, a non-profit organization that started in Oak Park during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their mission to encourage spending with local restaurants to keep them thriving has since evolved to address sustainability and food insecurity, and so has ours. 

In February 2022, we began a partnership with local NFP Beyond Hunger, in an effort to increase the efficiency and focus of their mission to reduce hunger. On June 23, 2022 we kicked off our newest NFP partnership with Nourishing Hope, formerly Lakeview Pantry, an organization with a similar mission. 

Our partnership with Nourishing Hope will help expand their meal delivery throughout Chicago, as Delivery First embarks on these new ways to deliver our own mission. 

We look forward to the impact these partnerships will bring to organizations like Beyond Hunger and Nourishing Hope. We feel honored to contribute to their mission, so the time they spend managing drivers and volunteers can go back to providing nutritious food to those who need it most.

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