A Restaurant’s Guide: Optimizing Winter Deliveries

As a business owner/operator in Illinois, you’ve either learned or knowingly assumed one critical risk: Chicago winters are no joke. However, if the Chicago cold and Covid-19 combination have taught us one thing, it’s that Chicagoans aren’t willing to compromise their love for dining out. Your restaurant’s experience will be sought after this winter, whether ordering takeout in a snowstorm or bundling up to dine in. 

In order to make the most of these busy winter months, you’ll want your delivery system to be sorted out and seamless. Let’s start our planning by taking a look at what the 2022 winter might have in store.

The Winter Ahead

It’s hard to know what treacherous conditions to prepare for in Chicago winters. Or maybe we know exactly what to expect but we just don’t want to face it quite yet. Whatever the case, we recommend turning to the 2022 Farmer’s Almanac – a trusted resource for long-range weather predictions in the United States and Canada. 

We hope you’re adding hot chocolate to your menu because the Farmer’s Almanac predicts record-cold temperatures this winter. On top of bone-chilling air, you can expect a snowy, rainy, and stormy few months.

As lovely as these conditions are for sledding and snowball fights, they are less than ideal for driving. As your customers seek to avoid the winter weather, the delivery orders will surely flood in. 

So, what can you do to prepare?

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Optimize sales with seasonal menu trends 

As temperatures drop, your customers will look to warm up with cozy and festive flavors. Feature specials to satisfy these seasonal cravings and make your restaurant the go-to winter spot. 

You can’t go wrong with dishes that feature quintessential winter produce like squash, potatoes, and beets. Starting with these familiar staples allows for endless dish creations – from hearty soups to fresh salads.

Depending on what your restaurant offers, you can get creative with the presentation and naming of seasonal specials to create a memorable “must-have” experience for your customers.

Holiday half-dozen donut box, Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

Update your POS system

When planning for an increase in sales, especially for to-go orders, it’s important to have a point-of-sale (POS) system that works for your business flow. If you’ve worked with many POS systems you know the wrong one can complicate operations and limit the level of service your business can offer. 
The right POS will be easy to use and integrate with, elevating your business’s and your employee’s productivity. If you’re unhappy with your current POS, consider researching the market and upgrading as you head into a busy winter season.

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Find your perfect third-party delivery partner

If you’re not already working with one, research third-party delivery partners to find the best fit for your business. The right company will take the weight of delivery complexities off your shoulders, allowing your business to deliver more volume with great service.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about hiring and training a delivery staff you can trust, on top of normal staffing. Companies like Delivery First allow you to focus on in-house operations and the customer dining experience. This can be a massive burden lifted from your business, especially in the midst of cold weather demands.

Your Local Delivery Partner

Delivery First is your local delivery partner this winter and throughout every season. We pride ourselves on providing our restaurant partners with a convenient, cost-effective delivery solution. With a team of insured, well-trained, and uniformed drivers, partnering with us will enhance your customer service and mitigate delivery complications. 

Contact us for more information so you can serve some sensational seasonal specials, provide an optimal delivery experience, and make this winter your best yet.