5 Ways to Support Local Restaurants 

Supporting local restaurants with patio dining and takeout was an important initiative during the Covid-19 shutdowns. It helped ease the burden of mom-and-pop places unable to serve their customers like normal. Even with doors reopened, many local spots have still struggled to recover with issues like staffing shortages. 

There are still many ways to keep your community’s restaurants in mind – from savoring patio season with them to posting your meal to Instagram.

1. Order gift cards, merch, etc…

Whether purchasing a gift for a loved one or funding your next dinner, gift cards help bring new customers through the door and increase local restaurant sales. If you’re a “regular” at a restaurant that makes branded merchandise, support them by purchasing and wearing their merch loud and proud.

2. Use services designed for local restaurants

When you place a catering or carryout order, be mindful of the pros and cons of the third-party services you use and how they relate to local restaurants.

Unlike some of these third-party services, local delivery services like Delivery First operate with small businesses in mind. They take a lower percentage per delivery while offering a flexible delivery solution, saving the restaurant time and money.

3. Leave a good review

From Yelp to Instagram, the last few years have shown restaurants the importance of a strong digital presence. One of the first things many customers do before visiting a new spot is to visit their social media, peruse their website for the menu, and read reviews.

Follow their social media and leave thoughtful reviews that would make anyone want to dine at your favorite local gem!

4. Engage with pro-local organizations

Non-profit organizations like TakeOut25 uplift local businesses with a simple ask: spend $25 per week on local dining.

Find a similar organization and participate in their initiatives and events that give back to local businesses.

5. Simply, eat with them every week!

Perhaps the most obvious and enjoyable way to support local restaurants is to eat with them often. Whether it’s your weekly Taco Tuesday stop, your Friday happy hour, or your date night spot; weekly dining is a great way to support local restaurants!